Summer Programs (July/August)

Youth and Advanced Summer Intensives

2017 Summer Intensive information will be published by January 31, 2017. Please email us at or call 949-360-4233 if you have any questions.

Auditions are required for the Youth and Advanced Intensives and occur during class times. Please email or call the contact information above to make an appointment so that we may place your dancer in the appropriate class for their Summer Intensive audition based on their dance experience. There is a fee for the class and you must arrive 15 minutes before class time to fill out the audition and release forms. 25% non-refundable Deposit is due 2 weeks after acceptance and Full non-refundable payment for the program is due May 1st.

Video Auditions would need to be completed by March 1st.

Printable PDF of above information

 Private Instruction

Limited private instruction will be available for Advanced students participating in the summer intensives at the discretion of the Artistic Director.  Please inquire at the front desk.


Summer Intensive
Summer Intensive Attire and other Items to Bring:


Black Leotard; free / any color leotard days are Wednesdays and Fridays
Pink Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes (please sew pointe shoe ribbons on your ballet slippers)
Pointe Shoes if en Pointe 
White Hip Alignment Belt
Character Skirt
Black Character Shoes
Black Jazz Shoes, Shorts (you may also wear shorts over your leotard for Contemporary and Lyrical class)
Hair should be in a neat bun for class


Black Tights; shorts okay during Summer Intensives
White Shirt 
Black Ballet Slippers
Dance Belt
Warm Ups
Black Jazz shoes for the Jazz class
Jazz Shorts


Band Aids
Lunch/Snacks Bag
Water Bottle
Warm Up/Cover-up for going outside at lunch-time
Dollars for our Vending Machine 
(please note that we do not have change available to break large bills)