Pre-Academy Levels


Created for the student ages 3-10, ourPre-Academy Levels feature classes in pre-ballet, ballet, jazz and tap.  OurPre-Academy introduces children to the beauty and grace of dance arts while infusing musicality, rhythm, flexibility, strength, and stamina in an evolving and progressive syllabus.  Students who begin training in this division will be well-prepared to enter our Main Academy and will develop a lifelong appreciation of dance.  Class sizes are limited to preserve quality instruction and placement is on a first-come first-serve basis, with existing families offered priority registration.   Each level has an optimal instruction time to facilitate a successful transition into our Main Academy.

Please call us to schedule a complementary trial class. 949-360-4233

Recommended Instruction:

• Pre-Academy 1 (ages 3-4)

•Pre-Academy 2 (ages 5-7): 1-2 ballet classes per week + 1 jazz/tap class if desired

•Pre-Academy 3  (ages 6-10) : 2 ballet classes per week recommended + 1 jazz/tap class if desired





Pre-ballet students may wear a pink leotard with attached skirt, white ankle socks and pink ballet slippers. (no tights)