Commercial Dance

Commercial Dance


DKCBA’s Commercial Dance Division.  Many students enjoy the art of dance, but would like to expand beyond the realm of ballet.  This program gives students the opportunity to develop their technique, artistry, showmanship, and teamwork skills.  As in our Primary and Academy Divisions, our Commercial Dance Division offers jazz, tap, lyrical classes and more, and overlaps with our Adult & Open classes.

See our schedule for what is currently available.

Dance Teams compete at regional and national commercial dance competitions such as KAR, Starbound, Starpower, Showstoppers, and Spotlight. This program has been a resounding success and resulted in our students gaining accolades from professionals in the dance community.  Some of the recognition our students received in past years were: First Overall in Solos, Duos/Trios, Large and Small Groups, Junior Miss Dance, Mr. Teen Dance, and Miss Teen Dance.

Placement classes are used to determine the student’s level in this division.  An audition is required to be part of the competitive Dance Teams.